Reader favorites of 2016

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Now that the dust from the New Year has settled around us, we'd like to look back on some of our reader favorites from last year.  These are the blogs that outperformed all the others; they were shared the most and generated the most commentary.  Maybe you'll find something in here that you missed 🙂


Office 365 and user error: There’s a better way to recover

This short post not only helped introduce readers to Barracuda Essentials for Office 365, it was also a ‘jumping off point' for the other blogs in Rich Turner's excellent series on this topic.  Rich is a Product Manager for our cloud solutions, and he blogs extensively on how Barracuda solutions complement public cloud deployments.  Read all of his blogs here

Worried that the Office 365 Cloud might not meet your needs? You’re not alone, but there are great options now available

Another great piece from Rich Turner, this post reveals the results of a survey on Office 365 confidence among Technology Managers.  Rich explains the findings and talks about how Barracuda Essentials for Office 365 helps ease anxiety surrounding privacy, data storage, security, data ownership, and more. 

Microsoft releases progress report on Azure Security Center

In late 2015, Microsoft announced a public preview of Azure Security Center, and Barracuda was one of the go-to security providers for that platform at the time. 

Bret Arsenault, Microsoft Corporate VP and CIS Officer, later blogged about the progress made during the public preview.   This was one of our most popular blogs about our partnership with Microsoft. 


Web Security Gateway adds new SSL Inspection and Chromebook security features

These features added a new set of capabilities to educators and others who seek to provide a safe computing environment.  The Barracuda Chromebook Security Extension allowed Network Administrators enforce Web Security Gateway policies on their Chromebook deployments, and the SSL Inspection features allowed them to monitor traffic encrypted by SSL.  The Chromebook Security Extension was enthusiastically welcomed by the K12 community, in that it helped them feel more comfortable with their security on low-cost Chromebook deployments.

3 types of cyberbullying that threaten students

The Barracuda Web Security Gateway is a popular solution for K12 organizations because it solves problems.  This post examines three types of cyberbullying and offers up examples on how the Barracuda WSG can help.  Whether or not readers had a Web Security Gateway in place didn't seem to matter; they liked this post for the practical examples on cyberbullying. 


The evolution of ransomware

Ransomware has been a huge topic on this blog, and this post on how it all began was definitely a reader favorite.  This post takes us through the history of ransomware, all the way back to 1989 when it was distributed on 5 1/4″ floppy disks.   It also covers the most popular variants of ransomware and the many reasons why ransomware attacks are growing so quickly. 

Why is Locky so dangerous?

Locky was discovered by researchers in early 2016, and within two weeks had become the second most prevalent version of ransomware around the world.  Why was it so popular with the cyber extortionists?  Experts explain what makes Locky, and the criminals who created it, so dangerous to the public.

Going Forward

We'll be spending more time on these topics this year too.  Our partnership with Microsoft and other public cloud providers is an ongoing priority for Barracuda.  Jennifer Braun, our K12 expert, has a recurring series on how Barracuda fits in to educational technology.  And our alliances with NoMoreRansom and KnowBe4 are good examples of our commitment to fight ransomware in all of its variations.  

We also have more content from Tushar Richabadas, who brings us updates on application security issues around the world, as well as information on the latest from the Barracuda Web Application Firewall team.  Rich Turner will be back to share his thoughts on the public cloud.  Our security experts will be spotlighting threats that you need to know about, and our storage teams will keep you up to date on what we're doing to protect your data.  You'll see some new faces and some old friends this year.  We hope you'll find their insights to be helpful, educational, and even a little entertaining.

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