Recent survey highlights the variety of experiences in cloud migrations

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Barracuda recently conducted a survey of our European customers to gather views on adoption of Office 365 and learn from the experiences of those who have already migrated.

Our survey covered around 420 customers across EMEA of which 60% of respondents were “midmarket” organizations with between 100 and 5000 employees.

The responses were spread evenly across a range of industries, and there were no specific trends that could be attributed to individual sectors.

Some key findings:

  • Adoption of Office 365 is already widespread across the Barracuda customer base in Europe, with 42% having already migrated to Office 365. This is already ahead of industry predictions that up to 40% of organizations will be using Office 365 by the end of 2017.
  • Whilst adoption of Office 365 is steady, the rate of migration is slowing slightly. Of those who’ve not yet deployed Office 365, only 2/5 have plans to migrate.
  • Early adopters were more likely to fully embrace cloud services with 43% moving all their services to the cloud. Of those planning to migrate, two thirds intend to adopt a hybrid approach.
  • Whilst migration to Office 365 is still a strategic business decision, it’s not always taken at senior or board level. 51% reported the decision as being made by an IT specific role. Senior execs were consulted in a third of cases.
  • The migration process is a lot faster than perceived. It’s often not the complex and lengthy process that some reports claim. 64% of companies reported that their migration completed either on time or earlier than anticipated. 63% completed their migration in 3 months or less!
  • Early adopters were more likely to manage migration themselves, with over half of those who've already migrated not involving an external partner. However, 67% of those planning to migrate intend to consult with a partner to assist with the migration and operation of Office 365.
  • Concerns over security and privacy, ‘no cloud’ policies, cost and hassle of migration are the key reasons for organizations not migrating.
  • The concerns over security and privacy are widely acknowledged and of those planning to migrate, 83% intend to consider 3rd party solutions that enhance security, archiving and backup in Office 365, offering them the same level of protection that they enjoyed on-premises. A recent Osterman Research survey on Enterprise Email reported similar findings with only 13% respondents believing that Office 365 is a complete solution requiring no additional products or services to enhance its capabilities.
Early adopters were more likely to fully embrace cloud services with 43% moving all their services to the cloudClick To Tweet

You can download the full Barracuda Customer Survey report here.

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