Microsoft releases progress report on Azure Security Center

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Last October, Microsoft launched the public preview of Azure Security Center.   This is one of several Microsoft initiatives that support the company's compelling cybersecurity agenda.  Barracuda security solutions are tightly integrated with Microsoft Azure and the new Azure Security Center.  We are pleased to be one of the go-to security providers in the new platform and throughout the Azure ecosystem


The Azure Security Center provides comprehensive visibility into the security state of resources running on Azure.  This gives the administrator a clean view of threats, as identified by Microsoft global threat intelligence.  Thresholds and alerts can be customized based on customer needs and compliance requirements.  The Azure Security Center uses this information to offer policy-driven recommendations on how to mitigate the threat.


Bret Arsenault, Microsoft Corporate VP and CIS Officer, issued a progress report on the Azure Security Center.  You can read the highlights  from the report in this Microsoft blog post.


Barracuda was the first Microsoft Azure Certified security solution provider, and continues to be one of the leading security providers in the Azure ecosystem.  You can learn more about our Microsoft Azure solutions here


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