Our 5-star partner program gets even better

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Earlier today we announced some major changes in our Barracuda Partner Program.  You can see the announcement on our corporate site here.

The Barracuda Partner Program is recognized worldwide as a leader in channel reseller programs.  It has repeatedly been rated by CRN as a 5-Star program, and encompasses several program offerings, benefits and services to help our partners enhance their businesses.  Through internal observation and partner feedback, we've realized that we need to modernize and streamline our program to ensure scalability and maximize partner profitability.

Although we're announcing some new things today, we are still committed to providing the benefits that made the program the highly rated program that it is today:

Marketing Support

  • Marketing Materials
  • Lead Generation
  • Discounted NFR Eval
  • Joint Marketing

Product Information

  • Monthly Newsletter
  • Technical Webinars
  • On-Site Training

Sales Support

  • Free Customer Evals
  • Online Demo Access
  • Web-based Online Demos
  • Joint Account Calls
  • Product Promotions
  • Reseller Critical Technical Support Hot Line

And a LOT more.

Today let's talk about some of the main changes to the partner program.  First, we reset partner levels to ensure global consistency.   Our former levels included Diamond, Platinum, and Certified.  These levels worked for a while, but we needed to change to accommodate the growth of the program.

  • Naming conventions are now standardized across the globe.  Moving forward, our new levels will be Premier, Preferred, Authorized, and Registered.
  • Many of our resellers exceeded the highest level of our platform.  In order to reward and better support these partners, we created the Premier level.
  • Some partners are simply too new or too small to remain in compliance with our former partner levels.  To support these partners, we adjusted our revenue and training requirements so that they can better succeed in the program.  This change also makes the program attractive to new applicants.

Other changes include improved deal registrations, more product models, and higher discounts.  This new structure allows for greater participation and maximizes rewards for partner loyalty at each level.  This is already paying off for customers like Steve Katsman, VP and CIO, Micro Technology Group:

Barracuda offers great solutions and strong partner support, which has helped us establish a strategy for solving midmarket and K-12 IT challenges with solutions that are a great match for our customers. This paid off last year as we expanded our business in those areas.  The new partner program provides us with the opportunity to further expand our business with Barracuda – the improved NFR program, revised discount structure, and more flexible deal registration are nice additions.

Micro Technology Group is a Premier Barracuda Partner under the new program.

We have also standardized the process for deal registration, as well as added additional eligible models.  On top of this, we've made sweeping changes to the discount structure for partners.  These changes simplify and increase the velocity of the sale.  See the Barracuda Partner Portal for details on these changes.

If you'd like more information about the Barracuda Partner Program, see our press release here and visit our Barracuda Partner Portal here.

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