Innovation at Work: Barracuda Backup with Cloud LiveBoot wins CRN Tech Innovator Award

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Hey everyone, more good news from Barracudaland. CRN has recognized Barracuda for a 2013 Tech Innovator Award. Hooray!

In particular, the award recognizes Barracuda Backup with Cloud LiveBoot for VMware in the virtualization category. As CRN put it, “when a backup appliance came along that could not only store VMware images on remote hardware or in the cloud, but could boot and run those images for immediate disaster recovery, we took notice. ”

A lot of other people took notice too. Barracuda Backup is one of our fastest growing products and it generates quite a bit of interest in the market. Now we like getting awards and 5-star reviews (pdf) and so on, but the important thing here is what this means to you. How can Barracuda Backup with Cloud LiveBoot for VMware help you?

Let's start with an introduction to Barracuda Backup. This is a plug-and-play appliance for onsite backups that are replicated to Barracuda Cloud Storage, another site location, or your own private cloud. The product has an amazing feature set, including full support for Windows file system, SQL server, Exchange, and bare metal recovery. Get the details on all of the Barracuda Backup features here.

Now let's talk about Cloud LiveBoot. This amazing technology allows customers to boot VMware images from Barracuda Cloud Storage. This allows you to do things like:

  • Boot a file server in the cloud to access user data.
  • Boot an active directory server in the cloud to retrieve an individual AD object.
  • Verify that VM server data replicated to the cloud is recoverable.
  • Setup a sandbox environment where applications can be tested outside the production environment.

And you don't have to take our word on how awesome this is:

“LiveBoot allows me to quickly power a machine back on if it fails. If I'm sleeping in the middle of the night and I get an alert that one of my virtual machines is down, I can sign in with LiveBoot, power it back on, see that it's back up and running, log in to it, and go back to sleep. My private life becomes my private life again.”


You want to solve your disaster recovery problems? Go ahead and try the Barracuda Backup. You can order an evaluation product here and take up to 30-days to try it out in your own infrastructure before purchasing.

Don't do it because we keep winning awards. Do it because it's a crazy awesome product that will make your life better.

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