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Information Governance doesn’t need to be intimidating

At Barracuda we are all about simplifying IT, and that includes providing solutions for midmarket customers that make technology as uncomplicated as possible. This week we ran an informational webcast that tackled Information Governance.  To many, this is something only “big” companies worry about. To others, it’s a set of complex processes and technologies they don’t have the time or resources to even begin thinking about. But it doesn’t have to be ... … [Read More...]


Addressing the Perils of ADFS Publishing with the Barracuda Web Application Firewall

In the past, corporate users could simply “tunnel in” to the corporate network and join to the domain from authorized devices - mainly laptops. But today, mobile and cloud computing have overtaken desktop computing. The brave new BYOD world scorns upon tunnels. Devices not controlled by the IT czar that are overflowing with untrusted apps, cannot be allowed to join the domain, or given full access to the network via VPN tunnels. Vocabulary that used to be centered on “domain” has shifted to “workplace-joining”, and “federated services”. Enter ADFS that solves key use cases for identity federation across security domains, single sign-on and conditional access control. To support numerous mobile platforms over the Internet, the only option for ADFS services was to use protocols that … [Read More...]


Introducing Barracuda Firewall version 6.7

Our engineers been cranking out some great updates to the Barracuda Firewall.  In this post, I'd like to introduce you to the new features that are available in our most recent update, Barracuda Firewall version 6.7. The Barracuda Firewall is a cloud-connected solution that includes next-generation features like application control and user identity functions, and many other features listed here.   Like most of our solutions, the Barracuda Firewall has an intuitive web interface and can be managed with Barracuda Cloud Control.  It's affordable, powerful, and easy to use, which makes it a great solution for SMB organizations. With version 6.7, we have made this firewall even more powerful with these new features: Application-Based Provider Selection Application-based connection … [Read More...]


Securing and Accelerating JSON/REST with Barracuda Web Application Firewall v8.0

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is fast becoming the most widely used data format in interactive web and mobile applications. AJAX started out as Asynchronous JavaScript + XML, but it’s increasingly implemented as Asynchronous JavaScript + JSON. This is because JSON is considered more efficient and lightweight than XML and blends more easily into JavaScript (shares similar syntax). It is also more “human-readable” and popular with REST API proponents. Moreover, using REST/JSON is also now considered a best practice in mobile applications. Being more compact compared to XML, it takes up less bandwidth on wireless networks, which can be flaky or unpredictable. It also requires less CPU and memory to parse, and thus consumes less battery on mobile devices. In fact, many big names like … [Read More...]


Army’s Public Website Defaced. What Can You Do to Protect Your Own?

The recent defacing of the Army Public website has been making big news. According to Newsweek: The hackers first started tweeting about the hack around 1 p.m., writing messages like “Hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army” in pop ups and posting a screenshot of users of the U.S. army’s website, including entire email addresses of military members. The website was taken down by 3 p.m., though the hackers saved an archive of the site. The hackers claimed they had posted an image stated “The defender of honor, Syrian Arab Army” on the website. … [Read More...]

Roadbumps and limitations of Office 365 Import Service

Office 365 Import Service Limitations: Navigating Roadbumps

Microsoft recently announced that their Office 365 Import Service is now available to all customers as a preview. In my previous blog, I looked into what they are actually providing and what this means for customers, and concluded that whilst it is a useful tool, it is not a complete solution for resolving the problems of PST files. In this second look at the topic, I am following up with a deeper look at some of the areas the Office 365 Import Service doesn’t cover. We often talk about the three steps of a PST management project being locating, migrating and eliminating PST files so I’ll follow that approach. … [Read More...]


A closer look at the cost of a data breach

There have been several high-profile data breaches in the news lately, and some of them have been truly shocking.  Most notably, the White House recently confirmed a second data breach that exposed military and intelligence personnel assets.  The second breach was found unintentionally, during an investigation into the first breach.  This breach compromised the personal information of government personnel, which means that millions of Americans outside the Federal government may be exposed.  Many records are already for sale on darknet. What is the cost of that breach?  We may never get a true number.  We can calculate things like manhours and software/hardware/vendor expenses, but what about other damages that do not come with a price stamp? Former Counterintelligence Officer John … [Read More...]


What can Barracuda University do for you?

If you haven't used Barracuda University in the last few weeks, now is a good time to check in. Barracuda University is a training resource for customers and channel resellers using and selling Barracuda appliances. Registration is free, and reseller partners can use Partner Portal login credentials to sign in.  Customers will need to create an account, and should be sure to include the default domain and serial number of their Barracuda product.  This information gives the customer full access to the portal. … [Read More...]